Our Affording Justice practice recognised for innovation

Today, the Centre for Innovative Justice, at RMIT  published its “Affordable Justice” report.

The Affording Justice practice that we operate in conjunction with Doyle Family Law is featured in the report as an example of an innovation to make legal services accessible and affordable to the many people at risk of missing out on legal help – those who are not poor enough to get legal aid and not rich enough to be able to afford traditional legal services.

We are delighted to have our work recognised in this way. When people come to us for help, we assess whether your case might be suitable for our Affording Justice Service.  In family law, the main sorts of cases where we offer help through Affording Justice are:

  • initial advice in a range of family law cases
  • low value property settlements – helping with negotiation and court documents if court action is necessary
  • children’s cases where people are self-representing but need some help along the way with preparing court documents or advice about case strategy and court procedures
  • domestic violence protection order cases where people are self-representing.

Affording Justice provides help to individuals and small businesses  in a range of other cases in addition to family law, especially:

  • employment
  • consumer problems
  • debt problems
  • neighbourhood problems
  • tenancy issues
  • guardianship
  • small value estates.

You can find out more by contacting Affording Justice on 1300 66 40 99.  The first step is to speak to our Client Care staff who can listen to you to find out more about the problem you have, and tell you whether or not we will be able to help.  We always let you know in advance what the fee will be, but you don’t pay any fees unless until after your appointment with the lawyer. You can also find out more at www.affordingjustice.com.au .

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