Our Approach

We put you at the centre of everything we do. Our objective is to:

  • Help you achieve a fair result using a practical approach that meets your needs
  • Reduce your stress by our emphasis on Clarity, Value and Respect



  • make the extra effort to communicate clearly, so you are not confused by legal jargon
  • help you to get a clear understanding of the legal situation you face
  • ensure we understand what you want
  • give you clear and realistic advice about the range of outcomes you can expect
  • work with you to develop a clear strategy for your case
  • communicate clearly about your costs.


We want the money you spend with us to be money that is spent effectively.

There are two ways in which we provide outstanding value.

First, we don’t incur unnecessary costs.

We aim to resolve your case as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because we have a clear strategy for your case, we focus our efforts on only those things that will progress that strategy. We don’t engage in expensive steps that don’t advance your case.

Second, we keep our fees competitive and transparent.

We are not the most expensive family lawyers in town, but we are not the cheapest either. We set our fees at a level that is competitive with the market, but that provides fair remuneration to us for the expertise we bring to your case.

There are some key factors that influence the likely costs in your case. They are:

  • the complexity of the legal issues
  • the complexity of the factual circumstances, and
  • the attitude of the other party and their lawyer.

We make an assessment of these factors before providing you with a fee estimate to accompany your case strategy. We break this down so you can see the likely costs of each stage of your case.

In cases where we can confidently assess these factors up front, we offer you fixed fees for some stages of your case. You can use this form to see if your case is likely to be suitable for fixed fees.

Finally we are completely transparent about our fees. There are no hidden extras and no nasty surprises. As part of our commitment to clarity, we make a point of talking to you about fees frequently throughout your case.


Our commitment to you is to treat you with respect. We do this by being professional in our dealings with you:

  • Responding to your promptly
  • Listening to you carefully and taking the time to understand what is important to you
  • Knowing that your time is valuable too, and working around your availability
  • Keeping you regularly informed of the developments in your case
  • Keeping your confidential information private and confidential.

Because of the nature of our work, we need to talk to you about personal, and sometimes distressing, matters. We are sensitive about this and non-judgmental.

We welcome your feedback about our work, and if you think we can do things better, we hope you will tell us.